A Healthy Ego

On the spiritual path, the ego is often deemed our worst enemy.  The ego is viewed as our inner scoundrel: who exploits opportunities to upset our spiritual growth.  The ego mischievously cements us in our old habits that no longer serve us, and thereby keeps us from stepping into our most aligned, strong, and true selves.

In whatever ways the ego may trip us, love is the only answer.

There’s 2 things we need to know about the ego:

1) It wants to be right.
2) It wants to be comfy.

When we ruthlessly justify our past actions and our belief systems (our B.S.), we close the doors to new insights, harmonies, and personal growth.  We prevent ourselves from expanding our viewpoints, and incorporating new visions.

When we’re right, we’re comfy; and comfy feels safe.

Discomfort, on the other hand, is the experience of the comfort zone expanding.  The ego will do everything in its power to be right, to stay safe, and to avoid wrongness, discomfort, and transformation…Transformation means death to the ego.

Everybody is on their own path, having their own realizations, in their own time.  What works for us may not work for them.  While it’s our duty to share, we have to do so in a heart-centered manner: with the intention of loving, and uplifting others…

Ego isn’t bad: it just needs training, and re-formation.  With training and reformation, it can become a great ally, and a beautiful vehicle of divine light on Earth.

Here are some affirmations you can recite to develop a healthy ego:

“I have strong confidence in the light that I am.

I have strong confidence that I improve others’ lives.

I am doing great with all of life’s assignments.

My vibrations positively affect this Earth: I have strong confidence in my Self.

I have strong confidence in my uniqueness ~ there will never be another one like me.

I matter.

I am a valuable asset to humanity.

My gifts, talents, and very existence are crucial to this Earth.

My voice is beautiful.

My dance is brilliant.

It’s my duty to share and to breathe ~ My very breath is a service to humanity,

And I am making this world the best place that it can be.”


Beloved Ones, may we have the bravery to be confident in our active and passive contributions to humanity, and have the courage to cultivate strong healthy egos, so all beings may be spared the illusion of unworthiness.

Sat Nam,
~ Mehtab Kirtan

Ambrosial Offerings

The Magic of Music, The Power of Focus: Ambrosial Offerings
Music is a transcendent dance ~ We manipulate vibrations, varying their durations and volumes.  We partner sounds selectively with one another, and thereby create melodies, harmonies, and musical phrases.

These phrases are understood by all audience members, regardless of the language they speak.

Musicians channel divine Source: They channel God in a very natural way, in a very natural language…
Similar to the language of the trees.  It’s the language the Earth speaks, and the grass blades whisper, and that the flowers petals percuss…


Musicians: When we practice, we practice relaxing into new phrases, new skills, & new techniques.  We also practice relaxing into the perfection in our old, mastered techniques, skills, and phrases.

Practicing is just the focused process of relaxing.

When we practice, we expand the nervous system’s capacity to stay chill in the course of channeling divinity.

All crafts, and all facets of life that require focus, require relaxation in order for Source to move in and through our actions.

• Focus builds Concentration •

• Concentration builds Magnetism •

• Magnetism generates Life Force •


Appeal to the Gods when you play: and open up a pathway for all humans to open commune directly with Source.


May we recognize the power of our focus, stay relaxed in our actions, and heal this planet once and for all…
Sat Nam,
~ Mehtab Kirtan

One Awareness Manifesto

I remembered:

I am that I AM:

I am the All-That-Is.

My costume dropped,

All funny business stopped,

And I can’t believe that I can feel the whole world, & all worlds in my own body.

I am that I AM:

And the illusions unravel:

Heaven is exposed.

I am that I AM,

Maladies transformed into their most mature aspect:

The Ego is reformed: to serve instead of steal.

Scarcity into staggering abundance:

Sneaking and stealth into bold, transformational Presence.

Rapid jaws, tongues, and lips only used to uplift.

I am that I AM.

I am that One Awareness Manifest.

Doubt into certainty ~

Fear into ferocious excitement ~

Diversion and diluteness into deep, steeped, and unshakable concentration.

I am that I AM.

I am that One Awareness Manifest.

I breathe deep and consciously purify the Earth’s ozone layer ~

I listen, cleanse, and speak: The oceans are purified ~

Food is food: Everyone is fed, Animals are spared, Ignorance is erased.

I am that I AM.

Consciously welcoming Divinity in through me,

All fear, pain, and separateness erased.

I am that One Awareness Manifest.

Earth is cleansed, transformed, & all karmic contracts are complete.

Wahe Guru.

Haiku Stream ~ 9/9/19


Our eyes are the One

Window into the soul: both

Human & Divine.


The timeline is fluid:

Birth & Death happen in sync,

Wrongdoings pass on


with every blink: our

eye shutters are like diamond

cutters, using time


as the material,

as the very tool to splice

each moment from &

To the next.  Enter

Timelessness, make
Quantum leaps ~

Dissolve all problems:


solutions birthed by Mind alone.



& separateness

are indeed quite alike ~
Sit in still awareness,

Struck by silence, washed

With truth: Slowly and deeply

instilling calm thought:

As encouraged by

the heart: deep feeling,

From the ocean’s depths.





Stride on; glide on, with

Your awareness lights tote-ly

On ~ inside & out.


Outward & inside

We see that the same message

Is waiting for us.


No matter how long,

How many lifetimes it takes,

Or mistakes made strong…

…The Soul’s Growth is on…

This story, this progress is

on: & growing strong.

Breathe & Integrate:
There is no beginning nor

end to the story:

Enjoy the moment

Of this flick from exactly

Where you find yourself.



That is the Enlightenment of all time.

That is the beautiful moment


Angels hunger & thirst for:
To find themselves on Earth,



Infinite light

Into a temporal, transient grid,

That is passing & not lasting.


A holographic Earth,

A holographic Sun.


A planet with rules like gravity,

Here for every one.


It’s up to you,

Do not delay:


Create the life you’ve dreamt of,

Always and forever,

Here & Now, today.

Making Mistakes: Why we repeat them, and how to heal

Repeating mistakes can make us deeply regretful, sad, and/or angry.  Our intuition often speaks to us, saying, “Hey, don’t do this/that…” Shortly after, the ego can come in and say, “Hey! You’re justified in doing this/that: Go for it!”

The moment between an act of integrity or a regretted impulse is a razor’s edge ~ it’s a split second that brings us to the devil, or the divine.

The biggest reason we make the same mistakes is to allow our angelic selves to step forward.

When we’re in regret, we think, “Damn it, why did I do that stupid thing again?”
Our angels within reply, “So I could step forward, and show you unconditional love.  You can make the same mistake 30 times over, and I’ll be here: Always ready to lift you up, polish your light, and give you the strength to shine.  No matter what, I’m here to weave light with you, and through you…Call me anytime, anywhere: I Am You.”

With support from seraphim, and the power of your self-love, you can’t do anything wrong.  You only collect data, and discover what does/doesn’t work.  As you integrate and synthesize the data, the Universe generates new scenarious and opportunities for you to act differently.  You’re always having a second (or third) chance prepared before you.

Let this be a springboard for you to rapidly recover from errors, and reside in a space of utmost unconditional love for yourself.
Whenever you’re feeling regret, disappointment, sadness, or anger, breathe and fully let the emotions flow in.  Allow these emotions to guide you: You get to repeat your errors until there’s no option except the “right choice.”


Breathe into your decisions, actions, and enjoy the con-sequences that result.

Be kind, easy, and gentle.

Slowly and surely, You are re-planting and re-establishing Eden on Earth.

Sat Nam Beloved Soul,

~ Mehtab Kirtan

The Completely Lone, Sincerely Whole Valentine

I started a daily meditation practice in 2010.  The third or fifth day in, I had a heart-bursting awakening: I will share it here, so all souls may be whole in partnership or solitude this Valentine’s Day.  

While sitting tall, focusing my attention on the flow of my breath, an explicable joy emerged in my chest.  In the past, I had only felt this joy when I was “in love” with another person.

But in my meditation session, I had no one to attribute this feeling to!  I had woken up to love that was not interpersonal: I woke up to love that didn’t need someone pretty, attractive, or cute…This sensation was so beautiful, and so liberating, my eyes slowly watered my cushion with tears of joy.

I felt a little crazy: to be so passionately in love, without anyone to attribute it to.

No one in pop culture talks about the wholeness we experience in solitude: There aren’t gushy blockbuster romance movies showing Buddhist monks silently sitting, staring at a wall, with their hearts bursting open…right?

If you find yourself alone this Valentine’s Day, try meditating: set a timer for 20 minutes, sit tall, with a straight spine, and follow the in/outflow of your breath.  You may or may not have a heart-bursting experience like I have just described, but you are one breath closer to the delicious, ecstatic bliss solitude can provide.

This Valentine’s Day, whether you are alone or not, may you experience wholeness, and the most passionate Love of your life.

Wahe Guru!

~ Mehtab Kirtan

You Are Ready

Whatever you do, there you be. Whether you choose to go right or left, north or south, east or west; whether you choose to stay home or go out, to have the soup instead of the salad, the universe is going to grant you your divinely appointed scenario, with it’s specific vibrations. That is to say, if you are divinely appointed to come face-to-face with your anger, there’s nothing you can do to avoid the confrontation. If you are appointed to feel complete bliss to get a taste of Heaven, you will be granted the blissful taste of Heaven.

So, don’t try too hard to create perfect scenarios. Don’t try to hard to avoid discomforts or other vibrations/emotions. The universe will give you exactly what you need on your path ~ The universe will give you exactly what you need in order to transform some negative vibration into a positive one in this life, on this planet. You are always ready for what’s next: You’re always ready for what’s now.

Side with your Self

We’re all clumsy at times, and can make silly mistakes. How do we treat ourselves afterwards? Do we mull over how we could have done things differently, and consider all the possible scenarios in which the incident could have been avoided? Do we take precious time out of Now in order to call ourselves stupid?

…Who’s side are we on?

Belittling and berating serves to weaken opponents and enemies. If we ever belittle and berate ourselves, we are actively weakening ourselves, and are therefore actively fighting against ourselves.

…Who’s side are we on?

Don’t fight against yourself, Side with your Self.

You didn’t incarnate in your body in order to trash-talk it. You don’t inhabit your mind in order to curse yourself. Your soul chose this body to uplift this body: Your soul chose this mind to uplift this mind. When you side with your Self, you actively take care of your body, and actively care for your mind. To take care of your Self is to love your Self. To side with your Self is to love all aspects of yourself, not just your lovable aspects. In loving all aspects of ourselves, we practice loving all aspects of humanity.

As we practice loving all aspects of ourselves, we practice loving all aspects of humanity. In being forgiving, gentle, and patient with ourselves, we practice gracing this planet with these virtues. As we bless ourselves with forgiveness, gentleness, and patience, we allow the world to progress and heal in a loving manner. We allow love to be primary principle of the new world order.

Fight the fight that’s right, and side with your Self.

Thoughts on Spiritual Practice


Stream of consciousness sharing about my practice recently:

• Cold showers ~ Holy lord…I started toying with these 2 winters ago, they’ve now become an assured daily practice. My day is thrown off if I don’t start it with this wake-up call, and with this UBER GROUNDING method to bring my mind to every inch of my body. I strongly believe that if we take a cold shower everyday, we will never get sick, and we will always live in truth.

• Morning Sadhana ~ Waking up at 3:30/4:00 AM tends to come and go in waves for me, but it’s starting to gain A LOT of importance. Savitree shared recently that “children thrive on schedules.” Our egos are innocent children, results of our environments, conditioning, and upbringing. We’ve gone through our Piscean conditioning and training in order to learn how to train and condition ourselves in the changing times of this Aquarian Age. There ain’t no better time to empty out our subconscious minds, and re-wire our bodily and neural pathways than the Ambrosial hours (4-7 AM). It is during the hours before the sun rises that the Earth is silent and still. THAT’S the time when our bodies and minds are most elastic, and flexible for re-modeling, according to our greatest versions, and our highest selves. We can bring ourselves from ignorance into wisdom, from depression/anger/anxiety into elation, from confusion to ultimate clarity as the planet is turning from darkness to light. Practicing kundalini everyday has been very important to me since I started a couple years ago; the past couple weeks, practicing in the ambrosial hours is becoming crucial to me. For my journey right now, compartmentalizing my day is crucial for training my mind, and gaining mental clarity/focus. When my meditation/yoga/chanting time is apportioned for the ambrosial hours, then I can focus much better on my other activities throughout the day so much better: Breakfast time is JUST breakfast time, Facebook time is JUST Facebook time, drumming time is JUST drumming time, nap time is JUST nap time, etc. This has been leading to insane levels of presence for me — With everything I do recently, I’ve been feeling like an Alien on Earth experiencing these Earthly experiences for the VERY first time. I feel like I’m getting acquainted with the vibe of of this planet: the food and culture here, the language that our species (and other animals/plants) use to communicate and express to one another…Nothing lasts forever, and I know that when I sleep through sadhana time, the name of the game is to hop RIGHT back up on the horse, and not dilly-dally in self-deprecation, and self-berating. We’re already divine as can be, we’re all already enlightened as can be. Doing these practices just enhances our life experience by sharpening our senses, clearing our minds, and keeping us healthy and energized so we can fully participate in this beautiful experience.

POST-SCRIPT: I had a dream while napping today: I was assigned to light some coals for a party: the coals were in some bowl that was attached to this wick-torch: outdoor summer patio vibes. My blood-family and blood-family friends were counting on me to light it (though they were talking amongst themselves and casually enjoying others’ company). In the wick-bowl, there were burnt out coals, a 2-3 inches of water, and enough space for me to start a new fire. I had brand new coals and a bunch of paper that I was supposed to use to start this new flame. I tried lighting the paper and coals a couple times, but they kept going out when I dropped the flaming material into the water bowl…
When we re-condition ourselves, we sometimes have to dump the baby out with the bath-water (i.e., we have to entirely get rid of our old ways to make space for the new). Don’t try to pile new stuff on top of your old habits. Dump ‘em out, get rid of ‘em entirely.