A Healthy Ego

On the spiritual path, the ego is often deemed our worst enemy.  The ego is viewed as our inner scoundrel: who exploits opportunities to upset our spiritual growth.  The ego mischievously cements us in our old habits that no longer serve us, and thereby keeps us from stepping into our most aligned, strong, and true selves.

In whatever ways the ego may trip us, love is the only answer.

There’s 2 things we need to know about the ego:

1) It wants to be right.
2) It wants to be comfy.

When we ruthlessly justify our past actions and our belief systems (our B.S.), we close the doors to new insights, harmonies, and personal growth.  We prevent ourselves from expanding our viewpoints, and incorporating new visions.

When we’re right, we’re comfy; and comfy feels safe.

Discomfort, on the other hand, is the experience of the comfort zone expanding.  The ego will do everything in its power to be right, to stay safe, and to avoid wrongness, discomfort, and transformation…Transformation means death to the ego.

Everybody is on their own path, having their own realizations, in their own time.  What works for us may not work for them.  While it’s our duty to share, we have to do so in a heart-centered manner: with the intention of loving, and uplifting others…

Ego isn’t bad: it just needs training, and re-formation.  With training and reformation, it can become a great ally, and a beautiful vehicle of divine light on Earth.

Here are some affirmations you can recite to develop a healthy ego:

“I have strong confidence in the light that I am.

I have strong confidence that I improve others’ lives.

I am doing great with all of life’s assignments.

My vibrations positively affect this Earth: I have strong confidence in my Self.

I have strong confidence in my uniqueness ~ there will never be another one like me.

I matter.

I am a valuable asset to humanity.

My gifts, talents, and very existence are crucial to this Earth.

My voice is beautiful.

My dance is brilliant.

It’s my duty to share and to breathe ~ My very breath is a service to humanity,

And I am making this world the best place that it can be.”


Beloved Ones, may we have the bravery to be confident in our active and passive contributions to humanity, and have the courage to cultivate strong healthy egos, so all beings may be spared the illusion of unworthiness.

Sat Nam,
~ Mehtab Kirtan

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