Ambrosial Offerings

The Magic of Music, The Power of Focus: Ambrosial Offerings
Music is a transcendent dance ~ We manipulate vibrations, varying their durations and volumes.  We partner sounds selectively with one another, and thereby create melodies, harmonies, and musical phrases.

These phrases are understood by all audience members, regardless of the language they speak.

Musicians channel divine Source: They channel God in a very natural way, in a very natural language…
Similar to the language of the trees.  It’s the language the Earth speaks, and the grass blades whisper, and that the flowers petals percuss…


Musicians: When we practice, we practice relaxing into new phrases, new skills, & new techniques.  We also practice relaxing into the perfection in our old, mastered techniques, skills, and phrases.

Practicing is just the focused process of relaxing.

When we practice, we expand the nervous system’s capacity to stay chill in the course of channeling divinity.

All crafts, and all facets of life that require focus, require relaxation in order for Source to move in and through our actions.

• Focus builds Concentration •

• Concentration builds Magnetism •

• Magnetism generates Life Force •


Appeal to the Gods when you play: and open up a pathway for all humans to open commune directly with Source.


May we recognize the power of our focus, stay relaxed in our actions, and heal this planet once and for all…
Sat Nam,
~ Mehtab Kirtan

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