Thoughts on Spiritual Practice


Stream of consciousness sharing about my practice recently:

• Cold showers ~ Holy lord…I started toying with these 2 winters ago, they’ve now become an assured daily practice. My day is thrown off if I don’t start it with this wake-up call, and with this UBER GROUNDING method to bring my mind to every inch of my body. I strongly believe that if we take a cold shower everyday, we will never get sick, and we will always live in truth.

• Morning Sadhana ~ Waking up at 3:30/4:00 AM tends to come and go in waves for me, but it’s starting to gain A LOT of importance. Savitree shared recently that “children thrive on schedules.” Our egos are innocent children, results of our environments, conditioning, and upbringing. We’ve gone through our Piscean conditioning and training in order to learn how to train and condition ourselves in the changing times of this Aquarian Age. There ain’t no better time to empty out our subconscious minds, and re-wire our bodily and neural pathways than the Ambrosial hours (4-7 AM). It is during the hours before the sun rises that the Earth is silent and still. THAT’S the time when our bodies and minds are most elastic, and flexible for re-modeling, according to our greatest versions, and our highest selves. We can bring ourselves from ignorance into wisdom, from depression/anger/anxiety into elation, from confusion to ultimate clarity as the planet is turning from darkness to light. Practicing kundalini everyday has been very important to me since I started a couple years ago; the past couple weeks, practicing in the ambrosial hours is becoming crucial to me. For my journey right now, compartmentalizing my day is crucial for training my mind, and gaining mental clarity/focus. When my meditation/yoga/chanting time is apportioned for the ambrosial hours, then I can focus much better on my other activities throughout the day so much better: Breakfast time is JUST breakfast time, Facebook time is JUST Facebook time, drumming time is JUST drumming time, nap time is JUST nap time, etc. This has been leading to insane levels of presence for me — With everything I do recently, I’ve been feeling like an Alien on Earth experiencing these Earthly experiences for the VERY first time. I feel like I’m getting acquainted with the vibe of of this planet: the food and culture here, the language that our species (and other animals/plants) use to communicate and express to one another…Nothing lasts forever, and I know that when I sleep through sadhana time, the name of the game is to hop RIGHT back up on the horse, and not dilly-dally in self-deprecation, and self-berating. We’re already divine as can be, we’re all already enlightened as can be. Doing these practices just enhances our life experience by sharpening our senses, clearing our minds, and keeping us healthy and energized so we can fully participate in this beautiful experience.

POST-SCRIPT: I had a dream while napping today: I was assigned to light some coals for a party: the coals were in some bowl that was attached to this wick-torch: outdoor summer patio vibes. My blood-family and blood-family friends were counting on me to light it (though they were talking amongst themselves and casually enjoying others’ company). In the wick-bowl, there were burnt out coals, a 2-3 inches of water, and enough space for me to start a new fire. I had brand new coals and a bunch of paper that I was supposed to use to start this new flame. I tried lighting the paper and coals a couple times, but they kept going out when I dropped the flaming material into the water bowl…
When we re-condition ourselves, we sometimes have to dump the baby out with the bath-water (i.e., we have to entirely get rid of our old ways to make space for the new). Don’t try to pile new stuff on top of your old habits. Dump ‘em out, get rid of ‘em entirely.

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