You Are Ready

Whatever you do, there you be. Whether you choose to go right or left, north or south, east or west; whether you choose to stay home or go out, to have the soup instead of the salad, the universe is going to grant you your divinely appointed scenario, with it’s specific vibrations. That is to say, if you are divinely appointed to come face-to-face with your anger, there’s nothing you can do to avoid the confrontation. If you are appointed to feel complete bliss to get a taste of Heaven, you will be granted the blissful taste of Heaven.

So, don’t try too hard to create perfect scenarios. Don’t try to hard to avoid discomforts or other vibrations/emotions. The universe will give you exactly what you need on your path ~ The universe will give you exactly what you need in order to transform some negative vibration into a positive one in this life, on this planet. You are always ready for what’s next: You’re always ready for what’s now.

Side with your Self

We’re all clumsy at times, and can make silly mistakes. How do we treat ourselves afterwards? Do we mull over how we could have done things differently, and consider all the possible scenarios in which the incident could have been avoided? Do we take precious time out of Now in order to call ourselves stupid?

…Who’s side are we on?

Belittling and berating serves to weaken opponents and enemies. If we ever belittle and berate ourselves, we are actively weakening ourselves, and are therefore actively fighting against ourselves.

…Who’s side are we on?

Don’t fight against yourself, Side with your Self.

You didn’t incarnate in your body in order to trash-talk it. You don’t inhabit your mind in order to curse yourself. Your soul chose this body to uplift this body: Your soul chose this mind to uplift this mind. When you side with your Self, you actively take care of your body, and actively care for your mind. To take care of your Self is to love your Self. To side with your Self is to love all aspects of yourself, not just your lovable aspects. In loving all aspects of ourselves, we practice loving all aspects of humanity.

As we practice loving all aspects of ourselves, we practice loving all aspects of humanity. In being forgiving, gentle, and patient with ourselves, we practice gracing this planet with these virtues. As we bless ourselves with forgiveness, gentleness, and patience, we allow the world to progress and heal in a loving manner. We allow love to be primary principle of the new world order.

Fight the fight that’s right, and side with your Self.

Thoughts on Spiritual Practice


Stream of consciousness sharing about my practice recently:

• Cold showers ~ Holy lord…I started toying with these 2 winters ago, they’ve now become an assured daily practice. My day is thrown off if I don’t start it with this wake-up call, and with this UBER GROUNDING method to bring my mind to every inch of my body. I strongly believe that if we take a cold shower everyday, we will never get sick, and we will always live in truth.

• Morning Sadhana ~ Waking up at 3:30/4:00 AM tends to come and go in waves for me, but it’s starting to gain A LOT of importance. Savitree shared recently that “children thrive on schedules.” Our egos are innocent children, results of our environments, conditioning, and upbringing. We’ve gone through our Piscean conditioning and training in order to learn how to train and condition ourselves in the changing times of this Aquarian Age. There ain’t no better time to empty out our subconscious minds, and re-wire our bodily and neural pathways than the Ambrosial hours (4-7 AM). It is during the hours before the sun rises that the Earth is silent and still. THAT’S the time when our bodies and minds are most elastic, and flexible for re-modeling, according to our greatest versions, and our highest selves. We can bring ourselves from ignorance into wisdom, from depression/anger/anxiety into elation, from confusion to ultimate clarity as the planet is turning from darkness to light. Practicing kundalini everyday has been very important to me since I started a couple years ago; the past couple weeks, practicing in the ambrosial hours is becoming crucial to me. For my journey right now, compartmentalizing my day is crucial for training my mind, and gaining mental clarity/focus. When my meditation/yoga/chanting time is apportioned for the ambrosial hours, then I can focus much better on my other activities throughout the day so much better: Breakfast time is JUST breakfast time, Facebook time is JUST Facebook time, drumming time is JUST drumming time, nap time is JUST nap time, etc. This has been leading to insane levels of presence for me — With everything I do recently, I’ve been feeling like an Alien on Earth experiencing these Earthly experiences for the VERY first time. I feel like I’m getting acquainted with the vibe of of this planet: the food and culture here, the language that our species (and other animals/plants) use to communicate and express to one another…Nothing lasts forever, and I know that when I sleep through sadhana time, the name of the game is to hop RIGHT back up on the horse, and not dilly-dally in self-deprecation, and self-berating. We’re already divine as can be, we’re all already enlightened as can be. Doing these practices just enhances our life experience by sharpening our senses, clearing our minds, and keeping us healthy and energized so we can fully participate in this beautiful experience.

POST-SCRIPT: I had a dream while napping today: I was assigned to light some coals for a party: the coals were in some bowl that was attached to this wick-torch: outdoor summer patio vibes. My blood-family and blood-family friends were counting on me to light it (though they were talking amongst themselves and casually enjoying others’ company). In the wick-bowl, there were burnt out coals, a 2-3 inches of water, and enough space for me to start a new fire. I had brand new coals and a bunch of paper that I was supposed to use to start this new flame. I tried lighting the paper and coals a couple times, but they kept going out when I dropped the flaming material into the water bowl…
When we re-condition ourselves, we sometimes have to dump the baby out with the bath-water (i.e., we have to entirely get rid of our old ways to make space for the new). Don’t try to pile new stuff on top of your old habits. Dump ‘em out, get rid of ‘em entirely.

Holding Space, and Wielding Blades of Truth

To hold space for another means being present & neutral: in the state of present neutrality, others are empowered to have their most unique experience, without any interference from another.  Holding space allows for people to work out any troubles they have inside, and to transform old habits/patterns into new strengths.  We empower people to ultimately conquer their minds.
When you’ve got a friend, client, or patient who’s “going through something,” try residing in a neutral but completely loving and supportive vibration.  Hold the space by projecting thoughts like, “You have everything you need inside of you…You’re allowed to let go, and effortlessly become the master of your destiny…I see yourself believing in yourself, I see yourself conquering these challenges and coming out victoriously, stronger than ever.  You are fit for these challenges, you are the strongest version of yourself…”

We can also hold space for ourselves: no one is without challenges.   Practice sitting with a straight spine and closed eyes, and breathe deeply.  Say out loud or silently, “I can do this.  I have overcome so many challenges in life, and many more in previous lifetimes.  I’ve been granted this challenge because I’m ready to evolve into my greatest self.  My noble character and determination, coupled with my straight spine and deep, controlled breath ensure victory.  I will break through and come out stronger on the other side ~ I will allow all people to break through their challenges and become their own greatest versions.  I am the master of my destiny.”

After you’ve completed this meditation, look yourself directly in the eyes in the mirror.  See your power: be humbled by the high voltage behind your irises.  You’re here to love the hell out of the hell that life serves you.  Your challenges and tribulations will bow in submission to you as your eyes communicate your inherent dignity and untouchable nature.  Pierce through your challenges, let your eyes slice through any perceived or felt weaknesses in your given situation.  Slash through every layer of fear until only the light of your infinite soul remains.  As you eliminate layers of fear, doubt, and conditioning, your eyes become blades of truth, and you can help others by seeing their true, infinite nature, allowing them to reside as the noble queens/kings they are.

Hold space with the confident heart that sees your friend, client, or student strong & successful.  Hold the space for them to rise into their inherent success and strength.  Hold space for yourself to do the same.  Take no prisoners, let every aspect of your life be dominated with your dignity, determination, diligence, and love.

Blessings to you, beloved warrior of light!  :-).

Sat Nam,
Mehtab Kirtan Singh

Life: an Empty, Unlocked Treasure Chest

Life is an empty, unlocked treasure chest: it’s wide open, and there’s nothing inside.  We don’t need a key to get in, and there’s nothing in there, anyway…Just emptiness!  

Yet, it’s a treasure chest.

So, what if happiness in life comes from life itself?  What if happiness comes from the miracle of life: from the miracle of being alive?  To be able to breathe, laugh, talk & walk are amazing opportunities to spread light on this earth.  When the most simple actions are inherently miracles, every moment yields bliss.

A secret to happiness is that you are happiness.  You lose it by chasing it.  No need to search for the key to an unlocked chest.
It’s wide open, and there are no secrets.  You are the miracle of life, you are the miracle of happiness.

            Keep relaxing, keep releasing.  Heaven is here and now in the present moment.  The ego will think in terms of space and time, and may pose problems of scarcity, need, and want.  You’ll have desires, and dreams of a different moment than the Now. Just keep releasing, and keep relaxing.  Your ticket to freedom is Here and Now.  There’s nothing more to it than your breath.                                                                                                          

How do we delude ourselves into thinking life is anything other than the breath?

Global Healing from Your Human Vignette

Global healing: Pumping love through your human vignette.

Whether you realize it or not, You are an angel incarnate in human form.  You’re here to forge new pathways on Earth: starting with the conditioning your family and society lead you into.  You’re here to make peace possible where there is war. You’re here to bring clarity where there is confusion. You’re here to bring love where there has been neglect, abuse, and despair.  You’re here to bring equality where there is injustice, you’re here to bring caring where there has only been hurt. You’re here to make a new pathway possible: and to allow all humans to follow your lead, busting down old paradigms and structures that no longer serve us.  

Like planting a seed into soil, we plant our soul into the earth-bed of our family’s ever-evolving DNA pool.  Our families are our vehicles for incarnating, nourishing, and conditioning (heartbreaks, headaches, and loving breakthroughs alike).  We’re raised in a way, with a specific family to uplift a very specific part of the planet. Know that your family is a very specific part of this world; of this continent, country, state/providence, and neighborhood.

Monstrous or menial, every single action provides the planet with new pathways toward love.  Every action and interaction allows peace, forgiveness, and acceptance to be possible. The pathways we forge in our individual lives are automatically forged on national and global levels.  

Just as an ocean is composed of a multitude of drops, humanity as a whole is composed of individual humans.  When you give a stranger a warm greeting, you allow trust to be possible on this planet. When you listen deeply to someone hurting, you allow for healing to be possible.  When you recycle, and go green, you allow planetary preservation to be possible. When you eat a vegan meal, you save the life of an animal (if not many animals). As a drop in the ocean, if you radiated love to the highest degree, and shined your radiance in all directions, the other drops surrounding you necessarily refract your light, in their own way.  The drops surrounding your radiance are so positively affected, and so inspired to radiate their own love from the inside out. When one drop loves itself, the drops surrounding will love themselves in brand new ways.

You are a very specific vignette of humanity in the universe and on this planet.  If your vignette is pumping love in every direction, you make peace, resolve, understanding, forgiveness, and compassion possible.  You allow world wars to cease, and allow our leaders to live and operate in peace: from heart-centered consciousness, and the highest conscientiousness.  

Those most closely connected, are most directly affected.  Let love reign in yourself, in your family, and on this planet.  

Quilt of Humanity

Look at the lines in your hands, & the color of your irises; check out the straightness, curliness, or absence of your hair; and the wrinkles that arise in your face when you smile.  


Imagine if a patch in a quilt thought it didn’t benefit the quilt.  What if the patch decided it’d be better off removing itself from the quilt?  If the patch followed through, the rest of the quilt would have to re-adjust, and re-wire itself to make up for the empty space.  With enough stretching and entwining, the threads of the quilt can adjust, and re-form to maintain wholeness.


But if the patch stays in the quilt, and trust that its mere existence is purposeful, there’d be no mourning of its loss, and no extra stretching of threads to make up for empty space.  


In the exactly same way, every human is a patch in the quilt of humanity.  The whole quilt depends on every patch. The stronger each patch, the stronger the whole quilt.  


Just through being, without trying or doing, your existence alone serves the planet.  Compound it with an intentional mission, and you contribute to the constitution of a very powerful, purposeful quilt!  


Be your Self.  Know that your breath alone purifies this planet: your breath is a pathway for peace to be possible on Earth.  Breathe heaven here, O beloved unique patch!