Mission & Philosophy

Mission: Uplifting & Healing, Restoring Intuition and Self-Confidence in clients.

Philosophy: Synthesizing the client’s body language, vocal expression/ communication style, physical complexion, and mannerisms with the cards’ images, numerological and archetypical meanings to tune into the inherent light in people, and turn it up!

We are all enlightened Buddhas from the start: We are spirits using our human bodies as vehicles to navigate Earth, and uplift this planet: in a very hands-on, personal way.

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We experience negativity in order to welcome darkness back into its original form: light. We are here to bring heaven on Earth, and to love the difficult parts in ourselves and others.

Every life occurence is a blessing.” – MK


“I’ve been reading tarot for about 9 years now and never in all my time practicing have I had a reading quite like the one I got the night I met Stevenson. The way he reads bestowed upon me a humble wisdom the likes of which I’ve never seen. He laid it all out before me told me my truth with a smile and to this day during the hard times I still think back to the message he gave me through the cards. Forever grateful, humbled, and empowered from that reading.”

– Juniper, 27

“The reading I received from Stevenson was something truly special. I was several weeks into feeling like I was in an emotional rut at the point of sitting down for the reading. All of the tbought and stressors that had been swirling in my head were not only adressed, but they were with a healthy dose of mindfulness and honesty. I left the session knowing, for the first time in what felt like forever, exactly which direction I needed to move. “

– Luc, 29

“Several years ago — after receiving some life changing Tarot readings in New Orleans — Stevenson began to study the ancient art and hone his craft. Since then he has become quite experienced and has a real feel for the cards. I recently got a reading from Stevenson which resulted in a very uplifting experience. He takes time to analyze the spread and offers valuable insight. Also, some great things occurred in my life soon after! A Tarot reading with Stevenson is sure to be a positive experience for all involved.”

– Christine V. 57

“My tarot reading with Mehtab Kirtan evolved organically from a discussion we had as part of of our KY teacher training. Clearly, MK had been listening closely during that discussion because he set the reading in the context of key elements and current themes of my life. Through pictures and words, he helped me see the significance of physical and emotional experiences I was living at the time – his explanation of the card patterns resonated with me. Since the reading, my spiritual practice as well as work with other trusted guides have confirmed the truth of what I learned. My reading with Mk was gently reassuring and affirming!”

– Ann, 65

“Stevenson is the real deal, meaning he’s actually an spiritual aspirant who can actually give you insight into your life. Most people are frauds, he’s not.”

– Brandon, 28

“I had never been exposed to a Tarot reading before, but I was curious how they worked. Stevenson was a patient, insightful and thoughtful reader, and also made the process fun! I will go to Stevenson again for a reading in the future.” – Allie, 27