The Completely Lone, Sincerely Whole Valentine

I started a daily meditation practice in 2010.  The third or fifth day in, I had a heart-bursting awakening: I will share it here, so all souls may be whole in partnership or solitude this Valentine’s Day.  

While sitting tall, focusing my attention on the flow of my breath, an explicable joy emerged in my chest.  In the past, I had only felt this joy when I was “in love” with another person.

But in my meditation session, I had no one to attribute this feeling to!  I had woken up to love that was not interpersonal: I woke up to love that didn’t need someone pretty, attractive, or cute…This sensation was so beautiful, and so liberating, my eyes slowly watered my cushion with tears of joy.

I felt a little crazy: to be so passionately in love, without anyone to attribute it to.

No one in pop culture talks about the wholeness we experience in solitude: There aren’t gushy blockbuster romance movies showing Buddhist monks silently sitting, staring at a wall, with their hearts bursting open…right?

If you find yourself alone this Valentine’s Day, try meditating: set a timer for 20 minutes, sit tall, with a straight spine, and follow the in/outflow of your breath.  You may or may not have a heart-bursting experience like I have just described, but you are one breath closer to the delicious, ecstatic bliss solitude can provide.

This Valentine’s Day, whether you are alone or not, may you experience wholeness, and the most passionate Love of your life.

Wahe Guru!

~ Mehtab Kirtan

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