Making Mistakes: Why we repeat them, and how to heal

Repeating mistakes can make us deeply regretful, sad, and/or angry.  Our intuition often speaks to us, saying, “Hey, don’t do this/that…” Shortly after, the ego can come in and say, “Hey! You’re justified in doing this/that: Go for it!”

The moment between an act of integrity or a regretted impulse is a razor’s edge ~ it’s a split second that brings us to the devil, or the divine.

The biggest reason we make the same mistakes is to allow our angelic selves to step forward.

When we’re in regret, we think, “Damn it, why did I do that stupid thing again?”
Our angels within reply, “So I could step forward, and show you unconditional love.  You can make the same mistake 30 times over, and I’ll be here: Always ready to lift you up, polish your light, and give you the strength to shine.  No matter what, I’m here to weave light with you, and through you…Call me anytime, anywhere: I Am You.”

With support from seraphim, and the power of your self-love, you can’t do anything wrong.  You only collect data, and discover what does/doesn’t work.  As you integrate and synthesize the data, the Universe generates new scenarious and opportunities for you to act differently.  You’re always having a second (or third) chance prepared before you.

Let this be a springboard for you to rapidly recover from errors, and reside in a space of utmost unconditional love for yourself.
Whenever you’re feeling regret, disappointment, sadness, or anger, breathe and fully let the emotions flow in.  Allow these emotions to guide you: You get to repeat your errors until there’s no option except the “right choice.”


Breathe into your decisions, actions, and enjoy the con-sequences that result.

Be kind, easy, and gentle.

Slowly and surely, You are re-planting and re-establishing Eden on Earth.

Sat Nam Beloved Soul,

~ Mehtab Kirtan

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