Quilt of Humanity

Look at the lines in your hands, & the color of your irises; check out the straightness, curliness, or absence of your hair; and the wrinkles that arise in your face when you smile.  


Imagine if a patch in a quilt thought it didn’t benefit the quilt.  What if the patch decided it’d be better off removing itself from the quilt?  If the patch followed through, the rest of the quilt would have to re-adjust, and re-wire itself to make up for the empty space.  With enough stretching and entwining, the threads of the quilt can adjust, and re-form to maintain wholeness.


But if the patch stays in the quilt, and trust that its mere existence is purposeful, there’d be no mourning of its loss, and no extra stretching of threads to make up for empty space.  


In the exactly same way, every human is a patch in the quilt of humanity.  The whole quilt depends on every patch. The stronger each patch, the stronger the whole quilt.  


Just through being, without trying or doing, your existence alone serves the planet.  Compound it with an intentional mission, and you contribute to the constitution of a very powerful, purposeful quilt!  


Be your Self.  Know that your breath alone purifies this planet: your breath is a pathway for peace to be possible on Earth.  Breathe heaven here, O beloved unique patch!

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