Life: an Empty, Unlocked Treasure Chest

Life is an empty, unlocked treasure chest: it’s wide open, and there’s nothing inside.  We don’t need a key to get in, and there’s nothing in there, anyway…Just emptiness!  

Yet, it’s a treasure chest.

So, what if happiness in life comes from life itself?  What if happiness comes from the miracle of life: from the miracle of being alive?  To be able to breathe, laugh, talk & walk are amazing opportunities to spread light on this earth.  When the most simple actions are inherently miracles, every moment yields bliss.

A secret to happiness is that you are happiness.  You lose it by chasing it.  No need to search for the key to an unlocked chest.
It’s wide open, and there are no secrets.  You are the miracle of life, you are the miracle of happiness.

            Keep relaxing, keep releasing.  Heaven is here and now in the present moment.  The ego will think in terms of space and time, and may pose problems of scarcity, need, and want.  You’ll have desires, and dreams of a different moment than the Now. Just keep releasing, and keep relaxing.  Your ticket to freedom is Here and Now.  There’s nothing more to it than your breath.                                                                                                          

How do we delude ourselves into thinking life is anything other than the breath?

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