Holding Space, and Wielding Blades of Truth

To hold space for another means being present & neutral: in the state of present neutrality, others are empowered to have their most unique experience, without any interference from another.  Holding space allows for people to work out any troubles they have inside, and to transform old habits/patterns into new strengths.  We empower people to ultimately conquer their minds.
When you’ve got a friend, client, or patient who’s “going through something,” try residing in a neutral but completely loving and supportive vibration.  Hold the space by projecting thoughts like, “You have everything you need inside of you…You’re allowed to let go, and effortlessly become the master of your destiny…I see yourself believing in yourself, I see yourself conquering these challenges and coming out victoriously, stronger than ever.  You are fit for these challenges, you are the strongest version of yourself…”

We can also hold space for ourselves: no one is without challenges.   Practice sitting with a straight spine and closed eyes, and breathe deeply.  Say out loud or silently, “I can do this.  I have overcome so many challenges in life, and many more in previous lifetimes.  I’ve been granted this challenge because I’m ready to evolve into my greatest self.  My noble character and determination, coupled with my straight spine and deep, controlled breath ensure victory.  I will break through and come out stronger on the other side ~ I will allow all people to break through their challenges and become their own greatest versions.  I am the master of my destiny.”

After you’ve completed this meditation, look yourself directly in the eyes in the mirror.  See your power: be humbled by the high voltage behind your irises.  You’re here to love the hell out of the hell that life serves you.  Your challenges and tribulations will bow in submission to you as your eyes communicate your inherent dignity and untouchable nature.  Pierce through your challenges, let your eyes slice through any perceived or felt weaknesses in your given situation.  Slash through every layer of fear until only the light of your infinite soul remains.  As you eliminate layers of fear, doubt, and conditioning, your eyes become blades of truth, and you can help others by seeing their true, infinite nature, allowing them to reside as the noble queens/kings they are.

Hold space with the confident heart that sees your friend, client, or student strong & successful.  Hold the space for them to rise into their inherent success and strength.  Hold space for yourself to do the same.  Take no prisoners, let every aspect of your life be dominated with your dignity, determination, diligence, and love.

Blessings to you, beloved warrior of light!  :-).

Sat Nam,
Mehtab Kirtan Singh

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