Global Healing from Your Human Vignette

Global healing: Pumping love through your human vignette.

Whether you realize it or not, You are an angel incarnate in human form.  You’re here to forge new pathways on Earth: starting with the conditioning your family and society lead you into.  You’re here to make peace possible where there is war. You’re here to bring clarity where there is confusion. You’re here to bring love where there has been neglect, abuse, and despair.  You’re here to bring equality where there is injustice, you’re here to bring caring where there has only been hurt. You’re here to make a new pathway possible: and to allow all humans to follow your lead, busting down old paradigms and structures that no longer serve us.  

Like planting a seed into soil, we plant our soul into the earth-bed of our family’s ever-evolving DNA pool.  Our families are our vehicles for incarnating, nourishing, and conditioning (heartbreaks, headaches, and loving breakthroughs alike).  We’re raised in a way, with a specific family to uplift a very specific part of the planet. Know that your family is a very specific part of this world; of this continent, country, state/providence, and neighborhood.

Monstrous or menial, every single action provides the planet with new pathways toward love.  Every action and interaction allows peace, forgiveness, and acceptance to be possible. The pathways we forge in our individual lives are automatically forged on national and global levels.  

Just as an ocean is composed of a multitude of drops, humanity as a whole is composed of individual humans.  When you give a stranger a warm greeting, you allow trust to be possible on this planet. When you listen deeply to someone hurting, you allow for healing to be possible.  When you recycle, and go green, you allow planetary preservation to be possible. When you eat a vegan meal, you save the life of an animal (if not many animals). As a drop in the ocean, if you radiated love to the highest degree, and shined your radiance in all directions, the other drops surrounding you necessarily refract your light, in their own way.  The drops surrounding your radiance are so positively affected, and so inspired to radiate their own love from the inside out. When one drop loves itself, the drops surrounding will love themselves in brand new ways.

You are a very specific vignette of humanity in the universe and on this planet.  If your vignette is pumping love in every direction, you make peace, resolve, understanding, forgiveness, and compassion possible.  You allow world wars to cease, and allow our leaders to live and operate in peace: from heart-centered consciousness, and the highest conscientiousness.  

Those most closely connected, are most directly affected.  Let love reign in yourself, in your family, and on this planet.  

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